Grußwort von Herrn Tokugawa Iehiro zum Tokugawa Ieyasu Shôgi Memorial 2016

Tokugawa Iehiro, Sohn des derzeitigen 18. Oberhaupts des Hauses Tokugawa, übersandte uns ein Grußwort zum Tokugawa Ieyasu Shôgi Memorial 2016.
Er drückt seine tiefe Dankbarkeit aus und wünscht uns einen erfolgreichen und wunderbaren Tag

Sein Grußwort dokumentieren wir nachfolgend im englischen Original und bedanken uns an dieser Stelle nochmal herzlich dafür.

This is Message to
Dr. Rene Gralla and the Shogi Group of Hamburg.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the occasion of the Hamburg Great Shogi Match of June 4 2016, commemorating the quadre-centennial of the passing of Tokugawa Ieyasu, I would like to express my deep feeling of gratitude. Ieyasu designated shogi, along with igo, the official shogunal entertainment as it trains the players in the essence of strategy. I thus believe this game with a long and rich history to be among the intellectual pillars of the long peace Ieyasu managed to construct. He would be very happy to know that shogi, with such a historical background, is now received in Europe with enthusiasm and that an important Shogi event takes place in the great port city of Hamburg. I would like to wish you all the best, a successful and wonderful day.

Iehiro Tokugawa
19. Generation of the Tokugawa Shogunal Household.